8th - 11th NOV 2017

Yo! MTV Raps: LDN

Presented by Charlie Sloth & Special Guests

Yo! MTV Raps: London is a one-off special event show that celebrates London’s unique style and sound, and remind the rest of the world why Great Britain is currently leading the way when it comes to creativity in rap music today. Our event, filmed in London’s iconic XOYO venue on Thursday 9th November, will bring the UK’s finest together to perform, support and celebrate one another.

Who better to host Yo! MTV Raps than the notorious Charlie Sloth…

While Sloth’s work with Fire In The Booth and 1Xtra has helped to nurture the scene, he’s eager to maintain that he’s just part of a system, alongside the likes of GRM and The Link-Up, which has helped a wide range of talents to prosper. “It’s not about me. When it becomes about you in this industry you lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve. It’s got to be about the culture, the passion and the love for what you do. Not for your personal gain. Not for your bank balance.”

He recalls the genre’s “first boom” almost a decade ago, when he discovered that major labels had signed 96 urban artists but only two or three of those achieved any success. Once the financial backing was gone, the scene was over. Now the major label world is still important, but there are enough platforms, awareness and entrepreneurial spirit to allow the new breed to take an alternative route. Now these underground sounds are the foundation for what’s quickly becoming a mainstream lifestyle.

“Are these the glory days? No, this is just the start of it,” he bellows. “People from all different walks of life are celebrating this lifestyle. There’s something for everyone – it’s not all hard, it’s not all gangster, there are pockets for everyone to appreciate. We’ve never had that before. The artists who are just coming through now will live the glory days, and there’ll be a ten-year spike of greatness.”


10:00pm – 3:00am

Charlie Sloth

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